Default VR scene doesn't have floor at 0,0,0

Does anyone know why the default VR map with navmesh locomotion doesn’t have its floor at 0 height in the world?

I believe it’s placed at a 100, because I had to move the floor cube down -100, but then the grid (which I’m guessing is at 0) began to flicker… it appears that the grid can cause z-fighting issues with geometry.

It was also a bit strange to not be able to move the entire map geometry at once. The folders it is located in doesn’t have any transforms, so you have to move each object that makes up the world individually.

(And while I’m on the subjects, the navmesh subtract objects where a bit confusingly located outside of those world folders, and their collisions didn’t line up with the cubes in the world. Why weren’t the navmesh modifiers attached to the cubes in the first place?)