Default UE4 animation scaling to 100x the size of its underlying skeletal mesh?

I’m trying to fix some scale-mismatched meshes in a project.

I figured out how to resize the skeletal mesh through 3ds max export. Importing the new mesh shows up at the correct size. HOWEVER, as soon as I apply my anim blueprint, the scale blows up again.

You might think “rescale, then reimport your animations”, but the problem animation is the default idle animation for the third person template, and it’s not clear what asset I should be re-exporting from max.

So, why would a default UE4 animation be blowing up to 100x the size of its underlying skeletal mesh?

I’m convinced I’m missing something simple but cannot seem to figure out what it is. Thanks!

I have the exact same problem now, only its even more inexplicable. I have two objects in my fbx file, arms and a gun for a view model. The arms are perfect, they animate perfectly but the gun is scaled down by 100x when animated. I have no clue why this is happening, they’re literally in the same blender scene in the same fbx and everything yet one is a completely different scale. I’ve tried everything I can think of, I’ve re-made the gun armature at least 8 times now, even just one bone and the whole thing breaks.