Default Third Person anims for Blender

if you wish to modify the default TP anims, or make your own, i have the FBX’s properly imported into Blender to use… 17MB


Blender 2.76rc2… UE4 4.9
1- “Pose” is for mesh and new anims (you may want to start with idle, or append it in for one reason or another)
2- “default_anims” has all of the anims inside
3- The rest are the individual anims

Import into Blender
1- Turn off “User Properties”
2- Turn off “Use Pre/Post rotation”
3- Turn on “Ignore leaf bones”

Export from Blender
1- Tick armature only
2- smoothing = Face
3- Turn off “Use leaf bones”

Import into UE4
1- Drag and drop into folder
2- Delete Third person anim
3- At bottom pick your new anim in “Replace References”

when animating “select all frames” and “snap to closest frame” if you make your own from UE4

for more than one existing anim “append” into existing blender file and apply anim to your armature, then delete appended mesh and armatures

NEVER NEVER EVER edit the armature inside blender, it will deform the mesh… only edit animation

Cheers :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “more than one existing anim”? Can you not just take the base pose and make all the animations you need in that one file and then import that?