Default Light Map Coordinate Index Number Change?


Every time I import a bunch of static mesh objects and I tell Unreal to not automatically assign a light map, because I want it to use the same map that I have setup on channel 0. The only problem is now I must manually assign each object to channel 0. Is it possible to automatically assign the Light Map Coors to 0?

If you have more than one UV channel then it will use channel 1, if you have a single UV channel it will use channel 0. If you have only one channel and you update it to add another then it will still use 0 and you have to change it. If you have it set to generate new lightmap UV’s then it will use whatever channel it creates for that.
Note that normal maps need to use the first UV channel, so if you’re using multiple UV channels for texturing realize that the normals won’t look correct on a different UV channel.

Ok Thanks Darthviper!