Default Dedicated Server Template

i’ve searching for tutorials and also trying them out since 3 Weeks.
I’m asking myself now, why is there no default template for dedicated servers where two players connect to eachother?
There tons of tutorials 99% of them doesn’t work because they run on old engines and at one point you get stuck.
I tried many tutorials and none is working for me.

All i want is connect player A to Server. Nothing more, all other functions etc can be done myself.

Can someone make atleast a tutorial about it or something?
You can’t imagine my frustration level.

Something to note is that you can’t export dedicated server .exe’s unless you use a source-code build of the engine.

There is a multiplayer example game made in Blueprint on the Learn tap (Multiplayer Shootout). If you packaged out a dedicated server version of that from UE and ran it, then you should be able to connect as if it is any other kind of server.

This is off topic, but I purchased Satellite command, nice work! Very good interface!