Default 4.24 Product Design settings are weird

Left is the default 4.24 Product Design new project settings without any starter content, right is a scene migrated from a 4.22 project into that very same 4.24 project:

I’ve only changed the project settings to forward shading and let all shaders compile, yet it looks super off.

i wouldn’t be surprised that a couple things setup in the new templates are not well supported in the forward shading.

the visual artifacts you see are most likely caused by a high dynamic range exposure and lighting making the forward rendering clips or break somewhere.

a few pointers:

reduce the sun intensity to 1.0
reduce EV (exposure) accordingly
turn off exponential fog

this is just a guess

Two things:

The Datasmith Product Visualisation option is probably more used for VR than any other Datasmith template. Why wouldn’t this be optimized for forward?


Why would the senior technical enterprise manager have to guess about this? Forward rendering in VR is not a priority for you guys? (I’m only half joking.)