Dedicated server or not (in editor) haven't the same behaviour ?

I don’t know why but i haven’t the same results when i set “dedicated server” into the editor into my project.

When “dedicated server”, my pawn clients can’t fire bullets
When not, my pawn clients can (and server too finally)

When i spawn bullet (run on server) from my pawn, ok no problem. Same Results.
When i spawn bullet (run on server) from my Weapon, which is spawned (run on server) from my pawn, results different between 2 modes (dedicated or not - in the editor).

Do you have an idea ?

in the weapon class when you spawn the projectile is that set to ‘run on server’ and the projectile class has ‘replicated’ and ‘net load on client’ set to true? Sounds like the projectile isn’t replicated to the client.

How is the projectile set up? It is a blueprint or is it just a particle effect system? Particle systems don’t replicate you’d have to call a multicast instead of run on server if you’re spawning a particle system. Putting a particle system in a blueprint and replicating the blueprint will make the particle system replicate though.

Just a heads up if you wern’t aware. Setting ‘dedicated server’ makes player 1 a client aswell so you should see the same behavior on all clients. without it ticked player 1 is run on the server so you’ll probably find most code works on player 1 that doesn’t work on the clients.

Welcome to the wonderfully confusing world of net code :slight_smile:

Sorry, i’ve found… when you have a skelmesh, you have to set “Mesh component update flag” to “Always Tick and Refresh Bones”. If you don’t do that, dedicated server return false informations about sockets location.
That was that… thanks.

ah makes sense. Far to many tick boxes when getting stuff to work online :slight_smile: