Dedicated Server Connect

Hello there!

I don’t really know if this is in the correct category, but here goes:
I am trying to create an online mode for a game I’m working on. So far, I have been able to build and package all the necessary things (Sourcecode Build, server, visual studio solution,…)
My project is blueprint based. (but converted to a C++ project by adding an empty C++ class)

The problem that I’m having is that each time I connect a client to the server, it looks like the server is respawning the client each second or so, which obviously makes it impossible to play… I can see the Map that I’m loaded into, and I can control the UI for 1 second, but I cannot see the pawn that should normally be there.

This is what the log gives me when I boot the server:
This is what the log repeatedly gives me when a client connects to the server:

I hope some genius somewhere can help me with this ;)!

Hello how are you calling the join level ? Because that looks similar to what happened with me. It is an endless loop. Mine was because I made two mistakes . 1 the first level you load into can’t be the same as the server level because of the way unreal works with only having 1 map loaded at a time.

So in project settings make sure the default map and gsme map is not the same as the map .you are joining on the server

2 I was calling the function to join my dedicated server on begin play of the level I was joining thus creating an end less loop. Example begin play join level . Loads map joins server calls begin play again causing it to call the function to join map again

You can test if this is you’re issue by having the join server function on a button press for example press t join server so this means when map initially loads nothing happens until you press t and then you will join

If you can explain exactly what it is you’re trying to do I can assist better .

I can see from you’re logs the map you are trying to join is lobby? So if that’s the case you need a second map to handle the transition if you want to go straight inot lobby map.

Also you should blur out you’re ip address from screenshot logs I mean it’s not your private ip address but even so anyone with decent knowledge could still use it against you