Dedicated Server and Animation BP

My setup:
I took content from the shooter demo and duct-taped myself a third person shooter together. I used most of the original
animation blueprint and blendspaces to take advantage of the aim up/down animations.

With a listen server everyone shoots where they are aiming at, but on a dedicated server everyone shoots straight. My conclusion is the dedicated server does not care about possible position and rotation changes of components caused by animation - probably doesnt even have the animation BPs running in any form.

What I’d like to hear:
I have not found much about how the dedicated server works or even how the character blueprint handles its networking features, you guys would do me a solid by explaining those in detail and give me some hints on how to handle the weapons. I could ofc just feed the server the local start and endpoints for the line trace, but wouldnt that work against keeping everything synced right?

Also I have this problem… Not run locomotion in dedicated Sever?