Decorator Perform Condition Check Node Missing?

Hi, I’m in the process of making a custom decorator and it looks like the return condition check nodes have disappeared!! Am I missing something? My blueprint is based on “BTDecorator_BlueprintBase”, and I can’t find either the “Finish Condition Check” (deprecated) or the suggested “Perform Condition Check” nodes in the event graph context menu. What node should I use to return the condition result from a user defined decorator?

(soz: using 4.7.3 unless the project auto-updates to 4.7.5)



I’m using 4.7.6 and I think they have changed the call model from event to function override; so you have to override PerformConditionCheck in your custom decorator.

I have also problems with decorators … my subtrees are always executed whatever the decorator reurn value is… I think that the blueprint BT package is not stable yet…

Hope that helps…