Decimal system VS Power of Two, should I give in and switch?

I’ve always done power of two, but it seems that decimal is the standard now, as it is the default option in UE4. Should I switch over? Will everything on the marketplace be decimal? Should I rescale all my assets by 0.78125 to make them decimal? What are your thoughts on decimal versus power of two?

Its literally a case of whatever you feel works best and you are most comfortable with.

In a lot of games with modular assets, they use power of two for snapping objects together like room pieces, hallways and such. I haven’t tried yet, but i can see no reason why the same wouldn’t work if your two hallway meshes were 200 units wide as opposed to 256 units.

It wont change the scale of anything at all, so you are free to switch back and forth. (Depending on your assets ofcourse)

As an opinion it’s to soon to do a total switch from one system to another and I found it’s best to do what needs to be done as a “while your at it process”

There is a lot of ready made assets using power of two and would be a huge task to switch things over based on something that is yet a standard and I make it a habit to maintain the original condition of my assets in hand anyways and then retask based on need.

Making an environment makes for a good example as changes are always made during the iteration phase and it’s usually during the iteration phase that you figure out by discovery what needs to be done.

As an ideology this is the nature of the art and just because someone comes up with a better paint does not mean you have to switch out your kit. :wink: