Decals vs. Custom Textures

Hello everyone. I have a question (after my rant)…Something interesting has come my way the other day. I was looking at the latest sci-fi scene for download under the learning tab In the Unreal Launcher. I noticed that most if not all the textures were decals. And this got me thinking for this game I’m working on. I could probably use the same process. I can’t say what the game is (NDA) but it’s relatively clean and although I’m very fast at unwrapping models, the game has a high emphasis on pushing the poly (tri) count for current gen consoles (PS4). So with the cleanness and lack of “texturing”. I was wondering if it’s possible to have the game rely on roughly 80 - 90% decals, and the remainder will be custom textures from models I actually unwrapped? (I think it will help speed up the process of production).

Again everything is reasonably clean, a few things here and there will have text, graphics/symbols. A few scratches and some grime (which can take advantage of decals as well). A lot of the materials (metals, plastics, glass) will be using instanced materials anyway (with slight grime/scratches as well). So far I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve read the limitations and performance in the documentation. But I would like to get a wider perspective/opinion of people who used it and more experienced in this matter.

Thanks for your help/advice in advance! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hey, hey! this is my 100th post! lucky me :D. Time to celebrate!! :cool: