Decals (used for footsteps) not appearing at certain angles or distances

Hey folks,
I’m relatively new to UE and to Blueprints but I’ve made a simple footsteps system that uses the location of line trace hits projected from arrows attached to the ball sockets of the feet on a mannequin skeleton to Spawn Decal at Location for footprints. The camera angle for my project is kind of a zoomed out Diablo style camera. Everything seems to work fine and I’ve got decals stamping where and when I want them but they only become visible at certain angles. I’m not sure if this is because of a camera setting (I’ve looked and nothing has jumped at me) or a limitation with deferred decals but I wondered if anyone could maybe point me in the right direction. Attached are screenshots of the blueprint, the decal material and a link to a gif of what’s happening in the game.