Decal not affecting reflectance value of surface. Help pls!

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Small problem here. I have a Arrow Decal on a really shiny metal wall and I want the Decal to be really rough (non reflective). But no matter what I do, the arrow just inherits the reflectance of the surface its on. In the decal material I have metalic set to 0 and roughness at 1. But the yellow arrow does not appear rough, when on a shiny surface. Please help thx!


What decal blend mode are you using? Did you enable Dbuffer decals in the project settings under rendering? I believe you need to have that enabled and you need to set your decal material to โ€œDBuffer translucent:โ€ and pick one of the modes that includes roughness in the name. There are 3 different ones.

Hi RyanB - thanks very much for your reply! :slight_smile: So I have followed your directions - I enabled DBuffer Decals in the Project Settings - after which I restarted Unreal and all the shaders recompiled. I went to my decal and changed the decal blend mode to Dbuffer - Translucent, Color, Roughness (In fact I tried every single decal blend mode.) and rebuilt the lighting. Unfortunatly this has had no effect. The decal still has the same shiny appearance as the surface on which it is placed - both in game and in editor. So that doesnt seem to have solved the problem

Any ideas? Thanks!