Debugging Blueprint UI

I’m currently working on a new game and each level will have some amount of auto generation. Right now I’m trying to generate tile locations as this is a tile based game. This is the first game I’ve worked on that had any automated level generation and I am running into a problem. I need to create a 10x10 grid of tiles. I have created a tile UMG BP to use. I currently just trying to get the first line correct before adding more rows. I have a loop that runs 10 times and I use a starting location for the first tile and at the end of the loop I increment the x location to move the next tile to the left of the previous one. It works perfect except for the last tile which ends up with a different y location even though I am not changing that yet. I’m curious to find out how I can debug this kind of thing during runtime. I’ve set a breakpoint to confirm that each x location is correct and the y location is still the same for each of the 10 tiles. I know debugging Android apps there is an option to show the UI grid layout so you can see outlines of where everything is. What options are available to help me debug this issue? Or does anyone happen to know already what is going on?