Debug drawing in editor

Is it possible to make the editor draw something in editor mode using BPs? What I’m trying to do is to have an array of Target Points and draw lines or arrows between them to get a path.

I was able to achieve this in game mode, by calling a Draw Debug Arrow node on Event Tick. Then I tried to do the same thing in the Construction Script, but there I’m not able to add an Event Tick node. If I just wire the Draw node from the default Construction Script node, I see the arrow for only a frame, when I move it around, but it doesn’t stay. I understand that the Construction Script is only called on changes to the object. So is it possible to do this somehow? Thanks.

Add the Draw debug arrow in the construction script and set the duration .
It is in seconds so if you set it to 100, and hit compile, the arrow will be there for 100 sec