Dear Epic games, Why are you so Epic?

I have been exploring game engines for a bit, and my C++ is vary low par to just beginner. I Tried Unity, Cryengine, some random other game creators and paid their ridiculous over the top fees for me to just get to learning. Then awesomeness struck last month when I seem Unreal engine 4 free!! totally mind blown!. I downloaded and next day I went to work I talked up Unreal engine more then when when I first played Mario bros when I was a kid. This is not the end of my praise, oh no. Half this month I have been almost literally drooling over Open World demo on youtube Showing everyone I know the things I seen in there. And today I log in to Unreal engine to mess with some foliage what do I see on the market place? Drum roll please… Open work demo assets 100% free. I seriously have no liable way I can thank you guys for this most genius gift to the world.

You guy have so far in my book changed the face of how games will be made. Not only the rich can make games, that kid that has nothing but a PC he got for xmas where his/ her parents hardly could afford. That kid can now explore and learn worry free with all the free tools. I have to thank you on my behalf and any of the kids out there that can now afford to become great. It maybe too late for me to become a great game dev or designer, but I know for fact there are kids out there that are simply genius, that just can not afford things like this. I have given this engine to my 13 year old, she loves it, I love it. Epic Games, you truly deserve the title of “Epic”.

Thank you.