Dealing with some of the common issues around rotators/rotations in blueprints

I would love to see a tutorial series around how best to deal with some of the issues with rotators and rotations in general, in blueprints.

I’ve been trying to make my skinned characters head rotate to look at an object and have run into quite a few issue. Getting it to work on yaw was easy enough (there are a few tutorial out there for that), but getting it work with both yaw and pitch led to all sorts of problems, and none of the tutorials out there tackled this. When I search for solutions to this, and similar issue, many of the posts seem to go unanswered or the solution isn’t easy to understand…at least for me.

Some of the rotation related issues which seem to crop up fairly regularly include:

Gimbal locking
Flipping of rotation axis at the poles in some circumstances
Converting world rotations to local rotations etc.

Many of the solutions posted suggest working with Quaternions if using c++, but as I understand it this isn’t an option in blueprints?

This might all be really easy for other people and perhaps I’m just not getting it, in which case jut ignore this request. However, from what I’ve seen when searching for solutions, I think many people would benefit from such a tutorial.

Thanks for your consideration epic!! :slight_smile: