Dealing with audio volumes

Hi !
Almost all my project is based on sound.
I have issues dealing with audio volumes, two in particular that I don’t know how to solve (even though I did a lot of research and tries to):

  • How to make a blueprint of a mesh combined with an audio volume (so They are always linked and can be placed together - manually or by a script - and with audio volume parameters kept )

  • I’d like to create a room like a anechoic chamber inside a studio, where the very best you hear of what is happening next door is deeply muffled sounds, and apparently there’s no real solution to this either ( I read about doing a line trac, but when and who does it ?)

If you have ideas or suggestion upon how to deal with those, I’d be frankly relieved.

PS For the EPIC developers , You may consider making sound more realistic and maybe add reverb presets, audio blocking volumes, easier blueprint setups ( I did a thing so that my character make sound while he walks, although it doesn’t have feet (invisible so no animation), and keep the good work !

The FMod plugin may do what you want, But it cost $3000 USD for a “indie” license when I looked a few years ago.
FMod does the who reverb, doppler, occlusion stuff.