Deactivating a component does not immediately stop Component Tick

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create new blank Blueprint Project
  2. Create two Blueprint classes: BP_ActorComponent and BP_Pawn
  3. Drag the Pawn into the World
  4. Open the BP_Pawn and set it to be Auto Possessed by Player 0
  5. Add your BP_ActorComponent to the BP_Pawn
  6. In the BP_Pawn’s Event Graph add a Keyboard Event Node (for example for the D key).
  7. Connect a Deactivate Node to the “Pressed” execution pin with BP_ActorComponent as the Target.
  8. Connect a “Print String” node to the Deactivate node with the string “Component deactivated”
  9. In the BP_ActorComponent’s Defaults set AutoActivate to true.
  10. Open the ActorComponent Blueprint and at a “Print String” node to “Event Tick” with the string “Component Tick”
  11. Play the game and press your key to deactivate your component


After the component is deactivated, it ticks one more time.

Expected Result

The component does not tick after it is deactivated.

Hey AllJonasNeeds,

I’ve reproduced your issue and entered a report which you can track here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-37459)

Thanks for your report.

Have a great day