DCC Placed Decals on meshes

Could we get supprt for decals placed in DCC app on static meshes.
I know there are currently at least two ways of doing so but they are not always feasable.

  1. Second UVW channel require additinal geometry just for placing decals, which on more complex mesh can be overcomplicated nightmare.
  2. Placing decal as floating geometry is option but it doesn’t blend perfectly.

What I mean is placing decal geometry directly on mesh surface (so they touch each other)/ Enabling decal mode would blend them and remove mesh z-fighting.

If there are other options of blending geomtery with materials it would be cool know, maybe that DCC thing is not needed at all.

Hi Lukasz,

I’m not sure exactly what workflow you are looking for. Is there any reason you want to place decals in the DCC app and not by using deferred decal support in the engine?

Usually the way we would do what you’re looking for here is by blending/masking in a layer where you want the decal to appear. If you need the decal to be oriented / projected differently than the unwrap in UV0 you would need to add another texture coordinate which as you say can add quite some complexity to the mesh.

Here is what I mean:
It’s of course very simple example, but it can expanded to destroyed structures, signs on flat surface etc.
It of course require additinal material slot, but setup is very simple and it give much more flexible than painting masks on unwrap.

I see what you’re asking for. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind!