[Daydream] - Pressing home button pauses game but does not pause audio

I am using the function ApplicationHasenteredForegroundDelegate attached to a set pause game function and when I press the home button it successfully pauses the game, and takes me to the daydream store/menu area, but it doesn’t pause the sound. Has anyone else experienced this?

Apparently, you have to be able to pause the app when you hit the home button on the motioncontroller. This is one of the requirements to get a daydream app published on the Google Play Store.

I am using a somewhat modified version of the engine (master release) and a slightly modified version of google vr plugin 1.5 GVR NDK v1.60.1

I am not having this problem in 4.16.2.

I am having this problem in a version of UE4 Master Release from a few weeks ago.

I think it was with 4.17 that the new audio mixer was introduced. Any ideas?


Okay. I just now tested my code with 4.17 release version with Google VR plugin version 1.5 (GVR NDK v1.60.1).

I packaged and deployed the app with the new audio engine switch on, and the audio did not pause.

I then packaged and deployed the app with the new audio engine switched off, and the audio DID pause as expected.

I switched it on and off by editing the AndroidEngine.ini and WindowsEngine.ini files as listed here:

So I suppose this is a bug?