Daydream Laser behavior broken in 4.17

Anyone got a fix or workaround for: [daydream] Daydream Laser behavior broken in 4.17 - UE4 AnswerHub ?

I’m trying to upgrade my project to Epics 4.17 binary and noticed the laser beam is broken in 4.17

The laser appears just as the small plane mesh and is not extended anymore. Picture is easier to explain:

It does not matter what distance I set for it, it always just has this little bit sticking out. It can be reproduced on a totally blank project. Also attaching here:

Any ideas how to fix? It did not behave this was in 4.16 :frowning:

thanks to @jasonh2013 found the issue is the material packaged with the 4.17 is incorrect for the Binary. Using the material from here fixes the issue: