Daughter and I are making a game, a quick question?


I’ve been learning Blender and other 3d modeling programs for about 3 years now, I’m still not on the level of modeling I would like to be, I have some characters made and some clothing done. Still working on the rigs which has been a nightmare but getting it done.

But I haven’t started yet on the environments. I’m making a game with my 6 year old daughter, we’re thinking of something like those old Bratz games or something like High School Dreams, where you would have to run around and complete different task. Which will progress the story, thinking I’m making a High School environment and a mall.

Are there any tutorials out there on how to make this sort of game, creating a high school enviornment having character talk to npc’s, collect request and maybe have a cell phone appear with different texts the player can interact with. Ha, I basically just asked for a tutorial on how to make an entire game but hey…gotta start somewhere. Also blueprints only please.

Here’s an example of a game we’re trying to make, my daughter loved this one I found it pretty charming too…

Thanks for reading my pitiful little post


You have to break it down into components and look for stuff on those subjects, so rather than looking for something specific like how to make a high school you just need to look into modeling a building. Same for other stuff–how to make an interaction, how to display a 3D object in the UI to do a cellphone interface, etc.

First say why, what’s the end goal, how much time can you commit realistically?

Looks deceptively simple, but its like a Sim game which will mean lots of work. :eek:
Try to find one thread / story that has a minimum of characters & locations. But…
One that packs an emotional punch at the end, or has repeat playability aspects.
Then, if you’re near a local college with game design students see if they’ll help?

Otherwise don’t try and do all the art and game design, its just too work for 1.5.
Unity and its Asset-Store might really help ramp up your progress, it just depends…
Unreal is a high-end game engine, it demands lots of time / pre-existing skills etc.

Game Dev = Ability x Hours-put-in… So as long as you devote time you’ll get there.