dataTable blueprint access removed / does not exist?

Hi guys!

I was finally able to import a csv into UE4 with no errors. I have a struct that defines the variable names in the dataTable and the dataTable appears to look correct when I double click it.

I was looking for a way to access a dataTable via blueprint. I stumbled upon this post:

Am I going crazy, or has this functionality been removed / does not exist in 4.5.1?

EvaluateCurveTableRow is available, but getDataTableRow does not exist. Is there some other method to accessing dataTables (like assigning a data table to a struct and then breaking struct?)

i’ve just check it in a 4.5.1 project and i found it under utilities with context sensitive checked typing “table”.

holy ****, my hero! what is it doing in utilities and not in data table?? thanks again!

Happy it helped ^^