Datasmith - updating geometry?

How to update geometry changes when working with Datasmith?

You imported with Datasmith all your 3D Assets (3dsmax)

After working for a while inside the Unreal Studio Project - you assigned new materials and made some lighting changes, etc.
But now, you need to re-load updated geometry from 3dsmax.

  • How do you approach that?
  • What’s the best practice doing so?

Any guide or recommendation how to do so?

Thank you very much for any little help - appreciate it!

yes u can reimport updated mesh exporting overwrite old datasmith file. but u will lost materials u. here i can share trick to preserve tweaked material. make layer for your old mesh. export updated mesh to new datasmith file. import that and now u have old material too. assign material to new imported mesh and delete old mesh. let me know that serve your purpose or not.