Datasmith rect lights on import

I’ve tried exporters from Blender and Rhino, but I can’ t get a rectangular area light to show up in unreal as a rectlight.
I understand that if the light has an unusual shape, or otherwise isn’t a “standard” rectangular light, that Unreal adds a construction script to mimic the light.
However, it seems like it ALWAYS does this.
Is there any way to tell datasmith, via the XML interface, that the rectlight should be an simple rectlight?

Hello, I checked the code and there is not such thing as a rectlight in the datasmith definition, it will always go through the “Area Light” and create an instance of “DatasmithAreaLight” in your scene.

You could make a custom dataprep operator that will search for all DatasmithAreaLight, with shape rectangle, in your scene and replace them by default rect light.

ATM you will have to do a script to replace lights outside of visual dataprep as there is a bug if you create a rect light in Visual Dataprep.

Is this bug on the hitlist to fix?