Datasmith import of Solidworks files produces different results in 4.26.p5 than 4.25.4 - missing geo

I’ve been working with Datasmith for the past 4 months or so to process Solidworks files (some SLDASM files and many SLDPRT files, all linked by an initial scene file). I have encountered an issue with 4.26, preview 5 where the importer is producing a different, less complete result than the importer for 4.25. The result is consistently bringing in less information, though as of right now I’m unsure why. I was hoping to move to 4.26 for the Python 3 support.

I figured I’d post here and see if anyone else is experiencing something similar with the latest Datasmith importer/Direct workflow in 4.26 preview 5 or any other 4.26 preview version? Thanks