Datasmith for Max 2020 seems to work in Max 2021

The Datasmith Plugin installer can’t find Max 2021, but if you manually put the two requisite files in manually, things seem to work just fine. I just exported from Max 2021 and imported into UE4.24 a fairly simple model and it looks great. I received no errors, no warnings and had no issues.

Put ‘DatasmithMax2020.dle’ into the ‘Plugins’ folder and put ‘’ into the ‘scripts/Startup’ folder and relaunch Max.

Thanks, sounds promising. Where can I find copies of DatasmithMax2020.dle and to paste into the folders though?

In your previous versions of Max in the default install location.

any chance one of you could post those files somewhere? i’m a first time plugin user and don’t have a previously installed version to copy/move

open with winrar you will find . but i did but non working

Sorry I’m just seeing this. Here are the two files. Probably too late though…

Thanks for sharing these!

Did anyone else try the trick? Wich UE version are you using? I don´t get it in UE 4.24

Thanks for sharing