Datasmith - Current issues list

Hey, we are thinking to use Unreal Studio in our next project, but I would like to see all the current problems that Datasmith has and if some of those problems will affect your workflow. Is it possible for me to see all the current bugs that datasmith has? If yes where? I tried going here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (Search Results) and searched for datasmith/unreal studio but I got almost nothing…

Try this advanced search result instead - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (Search Results)

I cannot guarantee that this is every issue though, for two reasons.

  • I set this to all “Open” (unresolved) issues. Some issues will be “Resolved” and not listed here, but they are resolved for the next release, and still affecting the current
  • By default (for security/confidentiality reasons) all bug reports are internal-only and hidden from the website. A setting has to be enabled to share them to the website, but this may not be toggled for all reports.

My main recommendation would be to test it out (it’s free during the beta) to see how it performs for your needs.


Thanks for the information.