Datasmith crashes editor on every second reimport.

Hi. Here is the bug. I import datasmith model, everything is ok. Then i made fixes, and click reimport in unreal and editor crashes. After restarting editor, a made reimport the same way, and it reimported with no problems. Than, on next reimport crashes again. Literally, only first reimport is working. I ve send crash logs already, few times. How can i help more in solving this bug?

Please fill out the Bug Submission form ( so our staff can reproduce and investigate the issue.


Ok. Did that. Check please ) Case # 00162760

I am also having this issue. I hope it is addressed soon.

I actually just figured out a temp solution that seems to work for me.

When UE4 crashes, take a look at the crash report that immediately displays whenever UE4 crashes. It should display a line that shows the problem file that is causing the crash. In my case this was the same object that I modified. Return to 3dMax (whatever software you’re using), select the problem Mesh, edit by element, select all, detach to a new object and rename, exit element mode, and delete the original object. Now your modified mesh should be in a new object completely disconnected from the problem mesh. Export now into UE4.

It should be fixed. But you might need to reassign materials. Hopes that helps!

I will try it, thanks!