Datasmith - AutoCad DWG import - model is mirrored


I have been trying to import AutoCad DWG (version 2010) with Datasmith.

The model imports, but it is mirrored.
For illustration I made a simple house in AutoCad:
Door on left, window on right.

After the Datasmith import the the house in Unreal engine has the door on the right and the window on the left.

Attached screenshots of both programs. I also atached the DWG file.

My suspicion is that AutoCad has a right handed coordinate system and Unreal a left handed - (x and y are orientated differently in both programs).
(See the different UCS icons in the screenshots)
If the coordinates are imported into a flipped system 1 to 1 this results in a mirrored model.

Is there somewhere a setting which can mirror 1 of the coordinates (is it an undiscovered bug)?



P.S. if I Export the AutoCad model to Sketchup and then import that file, it comes to Unreal Engine the right way round.