Datasmith assets + baked lighting or dynamic?, Lightmaps?, UVs?

Hey everyone, quick question.

im doing alot of hard surface work in CAD software nowadays and generally i bring it into maya and remesh/baked normal, create lightmaps and then bring in unreal. - im giving up on frame by frame rendering in maya/arnold, it is just way too time consuming.

I noticed datasmith, seems to be able to import directly cad data into unreal and i have been having great success with photorealism in unreal so id like to use it for all product renders. I have some questions that i havent found the answers online.

  • Can datasmith data be used in realtime ( games, console etc ).
  • how do you light datasmith content? - dynamic only? or does data smith build Lightmaps on the imported parts?
  • is it super choppy to run and render lighting due to the cad data being heavier?.
  • can it import any uv data? converting from nurbs to polys im curious what type of UV setup we get.

if possible id love to forget the rebuilding to low poly and then baking normals and building lightmap part, that is by far the longest part of it all. so if i can import the cad data and light the pieces with basic UV’s then im gold.

is this possible? or maybe im misunderstanding what is possible. - id be very surprised if lightbaking is possible on such higher poly assets. id imagine it would have to be all dynamic… but then you wouldnt get the nice bounced lighting.

the documentation really seems to cover how to import and those steps to take, but the part after ( building, lighting, using the assets) there is little to no documentation.

thanks for any help!

Hi in short, yess it can do all that. In long, is will strongly depend on what you are trying to import and achieve. I suggest trying it out, it’s pretty straightforward and free.