Datasmith Actor doesnt work with Get Bounds of Actor

I try to get the bounds of the Static Mesh loaded at runtime via datasmith runtime actor.
Select by class does also not Work.
I dont understand why GetBounds doesnt work either.
I can rotate it so the ref. has to be vaild.

Additonal Infos:

In the Blueprint at runtime i still have the Problem that i cant get a referenz on the loaded Mesh. I tried Get Actor Bound, Get Component by Class . The Datasmithactor is the rootcomponent. Under it there is the loaded Mesh as Instance. Maybe this is important that i try to access a instance. This problem is in my way for over a month , Please help.

Here some Funny Context, that maybe helps solving this Issue:

I Hope as soon as the post is solved it will help others too with using datasmith.

What do you mean when you say it does not work?
GetActorBounds only computes bounds base on the actor static mesh components and child actor.
A Datasmith Runtime Actor does not have static mesh components or child actors so it will return 0 I assume.

You need to get the actors you want from the list of attached actors under the datasmith runtime actor and call the actor bounds function on them.
Then if you want to compute the resulting bounding box of all the actors under the datasmith runtime actor I am not sure there is a function to do that. You will most likely have to get every single bounding box and add them.

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Thank you very much, it works now.

I had to add an (Delay / wait for loading node )additional to your

( my static mesh was not yet loaded at the moment of the query for it)