Datamsith: Exclude Lights from Global Illumination?

When importing a 3dsmax file I get all the lights.
But I can’t find the option to exclude the Light effecting Global Illumination.

When creating a Rect-Light inside Unreal, or a Spotlight, you can clearly find that option.

Is this just not possible when importing a scene with Datasmith?

hi, select defaultsceneroot under lights selected. there u get all options u want.

Sorry, I tried today to get all the data under the mentioned scene root. But nope, there is no way to get the same data as if I would use an Unreal Light itself.
Where in the DefeaultSceneRoot should I find the settings?


what kind of light u r exporting from 3dsmax. is vray or corona. bcoz both lights support datasmith. let me know, which light ur exporting.

I am exporting a standard Rectangular Vray Light. Datasmith is exporting the light - but I am missing important features you have when creating an Unreal light.
One of those features is Affect Global Illumination.

What means, I want to turn off the GI options - but I can’t.

When you export just a simple light and bring that one light into Unreal using Datasmith - you will see that problem.

Here is a download link, that contains all files for testing:

  • 3dsmax file + vray light
  • datasmith export file
  • UE4 project file with imported datasmith file

Download link:!PhlRRAzb!MIY2MMjKYPhVzgppaIwKRA

yeah those option u wont get. even area shadow option also not there. so what i do in my workflow. i make same size rec light in unreal for that vray rec light, to get all those options. thats all we can do right now.

yeah, that’s what I meant. That’s a real bummer. Because if you have a lot of lights in a max scene file - you pretty much can start over from scratch and re-do all the lighting inside of UE4.

that’s huge… any chance to get this thing resolved from the Dev Team?