Data discovering assets - crush, and crush when opening some levels. 4.19

Hi guys

Im using 4.19.2 default unmodded engine.
Few days ago when im starting to load some of my project he stuck with little window message says “Discovering data assets” and mostly instantly crush with option to send bug report.
I trying duplicate project/duplicate and open from another disk but this doesnt help.

If i delete “Starter Content” it will helps, and engine will open project with windows message says “Finishing discovering asset” (if i remember correctly) (btw i never saw that message earlier)
But i still cant open some specific level cause engine will instantly crush.
Also i cant create new level with “Default” type cause it will crush the engine instantly!..

I try to delete and reinstall engine - doesnt help :frowning:

Maybe some one met such a problem and know how to resolve it?

Im trying 4.20. All project working. I can open any level without any problem.

This fact makes everything even more strange actually… is this are something wrong with 4.19? Im using 4.19 a several month without any issue.