Dash Mechanics Help!

I’m trying to implement a dash(double tap forward and he goes faster for a few seconds) feature but don’t know the best way of doing it. I can create some janky way of doing it but was wondering if there wasn’t already something out there that I could modify.

I’ve tried the launch actor but it makes the character jump to the location its dashing to. Also, launch actor does some crazy things with launching off anything that’s not ground level, as in launching the character forward. I’ve researched a bit and I understand its a friction problem but if I’m going to be switching the friction off and on to get the same launch distance then I might as well investigate if there is another method(hence this post).

I have also tried raising the velocity for a few seconds then bringing it back to the characters velocity at the beginning of the dash and I’m thinking this might be the way to do it but as I’m adding the checks I wanted a second opinion.

Any help would be helpful and appreciated!