DarknesZViewer (a Marmoset Toolbag alike Blueprint Model Viewer for UE4)

DZV is an easy and fast way to show off you models powered by the Unreal Engine 4.
Inspired by the Marmoset Toolbag and the Showcase Blueprint from Osman Tsjardiwal.

With the power of updating models and texture on the fly (while in play mode), this is the perfect Viewer to present you models in the UnrealEngine at real time.

-HDR Images + Custom support
-Realtime Reflections and IBL
-Severl Background controls
-FOV and PostProcess options
-Numerous Material presets
-Multi-Material support for single Meshes
-Easy texture assigning
-Custom Wireframe color
-Wireframe for material IDs
-Light options (Directional/Spotlight Color and Intensity)
-Turntable animations (Sky, Mesh, Camera, Light)
-Mesh focus System
-Shortcuts for view modes
-Stylish channel view
-Mouse Sensibility options

all core Features a realized with Blueprints.
(the GetMeshes feature is a Plugin)

Big thanks to Erich Graham who made the plugin for the GetMeshes/DZV Plugin.

-12 Default + 3 MatCaps Textures
-10 HDR Images
-5 Static Meshes + 5 Stanford Models
-6 Physics Materials
-8 Materials + 14 Material Instances
-5 Sample StaticMeshes
-2 Blueprints + Controller and Gamemode
-2 Widgets
-2 Enums + 2 Structs
-1 Map
-1 PostProcess Material
-1 SubSurfaceProfile
-Head Static Mesh with Textures by Infinite + 2 Materials

nvm, got the clip.
looking forward to see this one up on marketplace

Is this like Marmorset inside UE4?

Just a quick notice. Something like that is already on the marketplace:

I don’t know if Epic accepts submissions which are basically the same. From the looks of it, our products are practically the same, right?

It’s been discussed before. It’s fine to have same looking products on the marketplace. They have some differences after all. :slight_smile:

to clear some things up, this viewer is not only for presentational purposes. it is also to get you models and textures into the game engine fast and work and with the engine side by side with maya, max and photoshop.

as far as i can see has the Showcase Viewer a much better UI than my viewer but i implemented a tone of feature into the DZV, and almost all features can be accessed with hotkeys…

i dont want to see my viewer is better or so, but both will have its pro and cons.

it should be also online in a couple of day…

my viewer is now on sale for $19.99 until 15th July so better be fast. also its updated to work with UE 4.16.

Any chance to see this updated to 4.19.1? Working on Mac would be a huge plus…