Darkening entire screen except for a specific actor/blueprint

Hi guys! I just would like to ask if this is possible? For example I have a hero character, and it overlaps with a button that triggers darkening an entire screen except my hero character doesn’t get affected with it (like a tutorial effect).

Thank you very much.

Take a look a the vignette parameter on the camera. It has to be pointing at your hero at the time… :slight_smile:

Hi there, thank you for responding! :slight_smile: I checked about the vignette parameter on the camera and it seems there is no difference at all. My setup is a separate CameraActor and not inside the hero’s blueprint (Component). So it’s like my camera stays in one place and not following the hero.

Won’t look perfect, but a post process material with a custom stencil to isolate the hero and negate the effect around him might potentially do what you need.

It’s hard to tell what it is you are going for exactly,
Ypu could also lerp between scene color and a modified scene color over a sphere mask based at the character location.

Or, and I had this running for a project, it’s rather smooth and offers more control…
You could append a function to every shader modifying the base color based on a material parameter collection trigger and color.

There’s just so many ways to go about it…

Whatever camera you’re using in the scene, just set the parameter: