Dark Solution Studios -- Endless Days

We are looking for a concept artist willing to help out with a few ideas of ours with possible payment opportunities in the future. We are in the midst of putting our ideas onto paper, and we need a artist to breath a little life into those words. We hope to use that work for our website, as we mostly have place holders right now (its still in production). If you are interested in this opportunity please apply!

If you are interested an not a concept artist, please apply anyway!

You can contact us at info@darksolution.net

1.1 The 30 Second Elevator Pitch:

Have you ever dreamed of a game where you can journey through an unknown world and experience something that you couldn’t do in our world today? Endless Day’s is a dark, dungeon crawling, action-packed, role-playing game where you can dive into the depths of the darkest places in the universe and conquer the super natural world.
1.2 Design Goals:
Endless Day’s aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Establish the Universe Endless Day’s takes place in.
  2. Create more than just a story, but a complex world of its own with that stretches further than the single game.
  3. Develop a unique game world, with a detailed way of leveling your character to fit the way you like to play the game.
  4. Develop fun game-play based on:

a. Discovery – Players discover the story line, items, and ways to successfully play the game.

b. Combat – Unique combat, with quick action keys, and multiple styles to play.

c. Advancement – Multiple ways to progress your skills and abilities through the game to become much stronger and to have an identity of your own.

d. Power – This game is about fighting your enemies and emerging victorious, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of your enemies either as the game-play will be tough and complex and you can’t beat your enemy by using the same technique throughout the entire game, you must learn how to adapt.

  1. Design & Art that truly depicts the way we want our players to feel during the dark game-play.        Possible comic book to go along side game.

1.3 Influences & Sources:

Endless Day’s is highly influenced off ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’. We will be using history from that book throughout our game to provide a dark feeling to it. Things as such that you would see in the game would be the seventy-two demons, seals for each demon, and history of demonology.
Endless Day’s is also influenced by Dark Souls, we want to incorporate the difficulty, dungeon crawling, and dark feeling that Dark Soul’s gave its players.



Still looking for dedicated game designers looking to beef up their portfolios with an Occult Fantasy style game.

What are we looking for?
Graphic Artist - experience with logo and marketing designs.
2D / Concept Artist - able to match the work done above.
Writer - experience with social media and writing blogs.

Do you fit what we are looking for?
Apply now at info@darksolution.net