Dan Reynolds and the Audio community + Bug Report

Dan Reynolds does some community out reach on various social sites like you tube, and Facebook. I asked a question in a Facebook community and he trolled the question with old answers and obvious answers like " Your blue print has a tick" … when I am talking to some one who helped create Time Synth… obviously the blue print has a tick.

Had I listened to Dan, I would have spent a few weeks learning legacy and old systems for audio. Then when I mentioned that his answers were not helpful but toxic, he challenge me “Put your money where your mouth is.”

This kind of behavior is childish and not fitting for the community, none the less a community representative.

He also posted other falsehoods saying that you cannot use Time Synth with Modular Synth-- a which is factually in correct. As I have already done it.
Also, he seems to be annoyed at the bug report of the Noise Osc not being affected by the Filter in the Modular Synth.

It’s annoying to look for help in an online community and to be trolled… It’s incredible when a representative from Epic does it. He also removed me from the facebook group (or the group 's admin did) with no explanation or recourse. I am sure Dan is a good guy, and you can tell he is smart from his content, but he doesn’t have the personality for audience engagement.

It’s annoying to bring this up… and it’s annoying that it happened. But his interaction has materially reduced my ability to develop for the engine.

This doesn’t reflect any other interactions I have had with epic games’ personnel-- including going through the marketplace approval process and other community members who have been in general, enormously helpful.


Here is the bug, it seems that when you select your OSC to be Noise in the Modualr Synth Preset, it turns off Filter control. This makes patching snare’s and High Hats much harder as you cannot use the Envelope to control the Filter, as it is disabled.…

There’s a lot to say about his behavior, and the lack of help/infos/tutos from his (genius) work.
After all those months digging and digging about the new audio engine and its features, most of my progress is thanks to Zak Parrish (what a GREAT teacher), and Arthur Barthur.

I’ve never seen such a childish behavior from a dev since i got my first computer in 1984, and because you have to make serious choices, i took the entire week-end studying Unity to check how things are going about Audio… and well… there is Helm wich is amazing and available for years.
Do i have to change game engine? No thanks, unless things change in a significative way, and possibly very very rapidly.

I hope other people come here to shake the tree because we need to be able to use the features, not just watch them on videos wich are not even tutorials (like if they were developed for the said dev, or just a few very talented people on the planet).

He oftens says “he wants to see people have fun with his work”, for me it is a nightmare. Helm users have fun for years… i think Epic leaders are not aware, or 2+2=5.

More later, good day everyone.

EDIT: please see his answer to my very serious, well prepared and asked question here:

i spent hours and hours just on this video, i learned UMG for the first time to understand the code (wich is normal and was very interesting), and then to convert it to a 3D scene with 3D buttons, found answers by myself by thinking and searching. I red the manual, and used Google. My question itself proves it.
Try to replicate it and you will really understand what i mean. His answer is out of this world, and i am absolutely depressed.
He answered the same way to other people on some other of his videos.

EDIT 2: i just figured he has 2 channels, that’s why i couldn’t find older infos, such as the “modular” synth video with disabled comments. Most people were just asking for the file project, no answer, and not here either:

older channel: Dan Reynolds - YouTube
actual :

By the way, such videos should be hosted by Epic, not him. They should be tested/validated so users can succeed. Easily findable. Short (not 5 hours livestreams starting at 20 mins full of ranting), and clearly labelled “obsolete” when they are. Audio should be treated like any other UE4 topic for the learner.
Let me again mention Zak Parrish who knows how to teach mostly because he didn’t forget what it is to not know anything. You follow his tutos, you understand, and you succeed. Why not make an entire section about Audio features for the supid people like me? Tutorials for stupid people showing each and every step of everything. How many people know how to actually use the “modular” synth? How many people don’t know Timesynth is obsolete? How many synths and Effects (i’m talking with the Audio jargon where an effect is ie. a Chorus or a Distortion), where how etc… Why not use the Audio langage and name a cat a cat all over UE4? Modular synth is NOT modular, and i would RENAME it so other people don’t come waste their lives on false infos. Please make some schematics so stupid people like me understand audio routing in UE4, the same way you explain it on a Daw. Because UE4 is now a Daw when you work on a music system. 2D sidescrollers or fps games tutos and terminology don’t fit for that topic, SO PLEASE ADAPT the teaching about Audio.
And again, keep in mind people don’t know anything and are “stupid”, not the contrary.

Dan: thank you very much to force me to write this.

Hey @JordanService, [USER=“20634”]David Boura[/USER],

We appreciate you all taking the time to raise your concerns and offer your feedback about our staff. That said, these discussions are best suited in direct messages to our teams.

Please understand that Dan maintains his personal YouTube, in his spare time, because he LOVES audio and shares as much information about his work as possible—to help anyone as interested about audio to dive right in.

For more formal, official resources, we encourage you to go through the Unreal Online Learning Courses, and then check out the variety of videos on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel.

If you’ve found a bug, the best way to get our teams on it is to submit a report via our Bug Submission Form. This’ll help us track it!

We’ll be removing this post, as we don’t leave any personal attacks on our community or staff, per our Forum Guidelines, but we’ve collected your feedback and passed it along to the relevant internal teams.