Damage system

Hello everyone.Help does not work damage.In what could be the error?
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I would love to help, I can’t really see what’s going on in these pictures though. Can you post higher resolution ones?
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Did you try using a print string to see if it is actually running?

Can’t guess whats going on by downloading the images… still with same low resolution.

Help please

First thing noticeable, thank you for posting larger images, is that you have not told the Apply Damage node what to apply damage to (3rd screenshot).

Second, your Branch node has a note on it.

Base damage error

Base damage error?Help please

You can set Min Max Dmg amounts (internal values), which then get applied on EventAnyDamage. Examples how to integrate it, are shown here, with melee weapons and collision.

Put some breakpoints on the code and see where it is failing and what the values are.