Customized build for one platform only?


I have spent a week researching, and experimenting with, stripping down Unreal Engine to a single platform support setup. That is, a version of the engine that only supports and targets Win64. I’m having a rough time stripping out Android, IOS, etc. Is there any tips or jump off point some advanced devs can point me towards?

I have a clean workspace, based on the 4.17.2 version of the engine. Again, what I’m looking to do is strip out anything related to Android, IOS, HTML5, Mac, Linux, and Win32. Purely Win64. Pushing forward past that, customizing the editor interface to get rid of any references to those platforms, as well as assets and samples, etc. The purpose behind this, is that I have several projects that are only targeted to Win64, and I’d like a customized build running that removes all the “bloat” of those other platforms, with the hopes that the side-effect would not only appease my OCD, but also improve performance and workflow, as well as storage space.

For my day-to-day, I am happy working with the launcher version with all the bells and whistles, but I am determined to get this specialized version working. Any insight from others that have experience in this area would be very appreciated!