Custom vehicle class not inheriting events from parent

As things currently stand im working with around 4 classes: The chain of command is
Ue4 wheeled vehicle with all its standard settings
VehicleBase inherits form ue4 and i then customise my global settings such as bone names, becuase i will have several different car models with uniform bone names
This splits into two classes, a rear wheel drive preset with the proper differential and settings, and a front wheel drive preset with the same purpose.

all of this is to accomplish creating vehicles more easily for the artists on my team, so i dont have to teach them how to set up all of these things. The issue im running in to, is I have set up my code in the vehicle base event graph for getting the input such as, foward/reverse/left/right and making the car move.

The first actual car being built from all of this is called CarV2, it inherits from rearwheeldrive, and has all the proper settings(yay) but forward/reverse/turning do not work, and its event graph shows things like ‘begin play from parent’ but my code all works off custom events for the forward/reverse etc axis. How can i get this up and running, does every car have to copy paste the code after all?