Custom UMG Layout

Hi Folks,

Just want to share with you a small project that I have been working on. It’s a widget that can be added to UMG User Widgets and provides functionality of moving widgets during runtime, snapping to other widgets, snapping to middle of screen (vertically and horizontally), preventing it self from leaving the viewport and saving position after change and loading it when starting the project again. No work in blueprint required, just add it like a border and any other element to you User Widget and run it.

  • Changing widget position during runtime.
  • Save current widget position automatically and load it when running the game again.
  • Lock widget position, prevent accidentally moving.
  • Snapping widget to widget and/or widget to vertical and horizontal middle of screen.
  • Widgets cannot leave viewport.
  • Customizable, all features can be enabled and disabled as required.

Here is a link that shows how to set it up:

Here is the project on GitHub: GitHub - DamirPorobic/UE4_Custom-UMG-Layout: Unreal Engine 4 Widget that can be placed within other wi