Custom slider with 2 handle

Hi, I’m trying to create custom slider based on existing slider class in c++, which I’m just trying to make the slider has 2 handle, so I mimicked everying in Slider.cpp, Slider.h, SSlider.cpp and SSlider.h.
It already works with multiple object created on the blueprint, it also works with binding OnValueChanged on multiple objects created, also I created OnValue2Changed bindables, with one OnValue2Changed bind it works fine, but when create another OnValue2Changed binding in another object there’s an error

LogBlueprint: Error: [Compiler main]
Internal Compiler Error: Tried to
create a property
K2Node_ComponentBoundEvent_Value2 in
scope ExecuteUbergraph_main, but
another object (FloatProperty
already already exists there.

In C++ code, because there’s 2 handle so I create another binding for the second value

.OnValue2Changed(BIND_UOBJECT_DELEGATE(FOnFloatValue2Changed, HandleOnValue2Changed))

Any suggestions appreciated.