Custom shader (and compute) support and relationship to renderer


I have a couple of questions regarding the flexibility of the renderer with the full source code release.

Firstly - does this mean everything is available as source - as in the whole renderer? Does that include shader source code too?

Is there support for writing custom compute shaders that would, say, be insert-able into the renderer as a custom geometry class / fluid system / distance field and such like?

So if I ported a compute shader over that defined a custom geometry surface, is it possible to extend the renderer in such a way that I could use the physically based shading and all the other bells and whistles?

Just trying to get an idea of how much is actually exposed here.


“Full Source” means full source - you get everything so you can make anything. I’m no graphics programming expert, but I would say you should be able to do all of the things you mentioned. Or, more accurately, you wouldn’t be limited by not having access to some portion of the source code, because you have all of it for the entire engine.

Okay thanks - still part of me has a hard time comprehending the gravity of that. I think because historically AAA engines such as this have always been behind such a high pay wall it the penny hasn’t truly dropped yet; I’ll have to sign up and dive in.