Custom render pass : Custom dept stencil value

Hi All,

Myself Rohan, (Creative Head) Root16 Interactive Pvt. Ltd. India

Working on one of the project , and came across one query regarding Custom dept stencil value.

When your character is rigged , and import as FBX data , the mesh is combined. So in that case i am not able to give different Stencil values to individual mesh like (Body, cloth, Hair) for Compositing purpose.

Is there any way , or a process I can follow to achieve the same. Can anyone help me in that.

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No, you have to import split FBX files and use separate SkeletalMeshComponents for each. You can make them all synchronize to the same animation by assigning the “master pose component” property of each one to the component they should follow.

Hi Manoel.Neto

Thanks for the information, I will try this out.

Rohan M