Custom node - CalcSceneColor problem


I have a weird problem. And I don’t know how fix it. I had to upgrade my project from ue 4.25 to ue 4.26. I have a lot of different materials and unfortunately one of them gives me a different result on the new version compared to the previous one. While debugging and looking for the problem, I saw that a different result gives one custom node. The code in this node is just “CalcSceneColor (uv)”. I created a simple material with only this node and in version 4.25 the preview effect is as it should be, while in version 4.26 the sphere in the preview is completely black.
What could be the problem? CalcSceneColor has changed between these versions? Should I call it differently in the new version?
I am not a great shader expert so I must admit that I stopped a bit here and I don’t know what it could be.

Just try a copy of the project in .27 preview.

And its not totally impossible that along with the other mess they made in the rendering pipeline for .26 they renamed or removed a function.

At this point, you’d have to download or access and search the source directly to know what has become of the function you were calling.

I installed and checked 4.27 preview 3 and got the same result as in 4.26. So, wrong result.

I joined github unreal engine to check the source code. And it seems to me that in 4.25 and 4.26 the implementation of the CalcSceneColor (uv) function looks basically the same and is exactly in the same file in both versions. So it’s even weirder for me.

Did you try to actually build from that source?
Could be that it’s literally not the same as the one you get via launcher…