Custom Movement Mode and Compenent

I’ve been having some issues and questions implementing some movement stuff on my character.

I followed Rama’s tutorial about Movement Components, but I think is somehow outdated and for some reason, I don’t understand it completely.

I’ve seen that any character inherited from ACharacter has Movement modes: Walking, Falling, Swimming, AND CUSTOM. This last one has my attention, since I want to know how to use it.

I created my CharacterMovementComponent class but I don’t know how to use it, and how to make communication between my character class and the component class. What I want to do is to split code, I can make all actions and movement implementations inside my character class but that’s just too much code and I want to split those actions as a new and different movement mode.

Now, to the point, what I want to do is when the character performs and action (Press a key) that function will call the movement component, do the movement stuff and the the character movement component has a new or the CUSTOM state On ¿Any easy way to implement this?